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Shabana Azmi, one of the most popular faces of Indian television, is a resident of Mumbai and yet has long left no stone unturned to find a solution for her deteriorating health. A Mumbai-based doctor, who runs an exclusive private hospital in Andheri, Shabana Azmi admits to a respiratory disorder that makes her air passages very parched. To say the least, she is not looking good at all! Yet, it seems as if the condition may just get better; given the kind help that is on hand.

Last month, Shabana Azmi was admitted in a renowned Mumbai hospital, where she was diagnosed with lung cancer and promptly taken under the wing of a well-trained oncologist. The doctor who treated Shabana Azmi was none other than Dr. Deepak Chopra from a famous Mumbai clinic, who has himself been described by the likes of Dr. Perricone, Avindi Palladino and even Yash Chopra as a ‘life-style guru’. This energetic doctor is known for his contagious enthusiasm and unselfish approach to life. He treats patients with a remarkable care, and despite the fact that he spends nearly nine hours each day at the clinic, maintains regular rounds at the hospital and even stays in touch with his family back home, so that nothing is missing in his hectic schedule.

Shabana Azmi’s fight against this dreaded disease has been backed by her family. With the support of her father and mother – both highly active young and full of energy, Shabana Azmi has always had something interesting to do during summers. But as it turned out, this energetic youngster was found to be having a respiratory infection that could have been easily prevented if she had only taken some preventive measures earlier. For instance, she never wore a face mask or scarf when going out, as these are known to irritate the mucous membranes and further restrict the air movement inside the lungs.

It was this very fact that led to the discovery of Shabana Azmi’s miraculous cure for the illness. In fact, it is not just this miracle drug that helps to fight the disease. It is believed that it also contains ingredients like Prilosec Ointment and pentoxifylline, which are known to help in strengthening the bones and cartilage in addition to preventing the occurrence of bone degeneration. In fact, it is the cartilage that keeps the joints in shape and it is what can be weakened due to the common side effects associated with other anti-biotic medicines.

Shabana Azmi admits charge of curing over two hundred and twenty patients out of the total four hundred and twenty patients that were diagnosed with the disease. This is quite an accomplishment by any standards, let alone the fact that it took her close to two years to accomplish this feat. The good thing about Azmila is that she never complains about the pain, which she describes as ‘some of the most unbearable pains I have ever experienced’. The treatment method adopted by Azmila is a highly specialised one and includes massage as well as herbal therapy and fomentation, all of which are meant to trigger the natural healing response in the body.

As is the case with most such things in life, it is important for one to have the requisite documents in order to undergo any kind of treatment or procedure. The admission letter for Shabana Azmi is nothing short of extraordinary, in my opinion. It starts off on a personal note from Azmila stating that she is deeply moved by your problems and is eager to help you in every possible way. However, one needs to understand that even if Azmila had not been able to cure you, it will not have mattered at all because of the way she has written her admission letter. It is important for you to read through the entire document, understand it and then follow the instructions written therein carefully.

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